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This is a main page that tells about Shawn William Byrd; it's also full of links and other interesting facts and tidbits. What does a tree have to do with the self-promo pic above? Who knows. Green is a nice color, though. I think the picture is B/W right now. Is it? I almost forgot, there are tons of links to various things Shawn Byrd has written, seen, and done. Scroll down for all you need.

We have an UPDATE. Products are coming!

We have started a line of custom products, just right for your non-FDA approved and psychic needs! Experimental devices that cover a range of metaphysical, radionics, scalar, psionic, and artistic features are going to be at your fingertips. Cables, adapters, mixers and entire systems will be available options to customize your very own alternative health and well-being regimen. Sure, we will have complete systems, but you will be able to add and modify devices in a mix-an-match fashion, as your wallet allows. This way, you can start at with entry-level and work your way up! It also allows for more ways to achieve your goals. Common adapters will be made available to connect our devices in numerous ways. We will try to include as many adapters as possible for the makers of other devices, by utilizing standard fittings that can couple to theirs.

Remember the government disclaimer (are you paying attention?): None of this is meant to treat or cure any disease or malady. Consult a physician prior to changing your health routine.

World Travels

Did you know that Shawn Byrd is a world traveller? It's true. He's been to many places around the globe, including...

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Writing & Fun

Something else he does is write. Shawn Byrd likes to blog and come up with mini-stories as articles that seem...

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As a researcher, scholar, life-time learner, and spiritualist, Shawn William Byrd is able to talk on many subjects such as...

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That really depends upon the reason you visited. Shawn William Byrd has a diverse portfolio of life experiences, and he's willing to share them with you.

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