Welcome to Shawn Byrd's Contact Me page.

Probably the best way to contact me is to place a post to my Facebook Shawn Byrd Writer page.

If you are in the Hampton, GA or Atlanta, GA area, we may run into each other.

You may also go to my main blog, which is located here, and post comments. They are subject to moderation, but it works.

Or, search the internet for an email address. This is better than getting spambots all the time.

How about a Google Voice phone number? Take seven, subtract one, next is 7, then 8, followed by 4 plus 4, two, six, now a 3 times 3, 3 plus 5, 5, lastly a big "goose egg". Got it, spam bots? This number is also moderated.

What Can You Expect From This Site?

That really depends upon the reason you visited. Shawn William Byrd has a diverse portfolio of life experiences, and he's willing to share them with you.

Jump to the About Me page for more information. To the right -----> are also some links. Heck, this site is peppered with them.