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What is Metaphysics? Generally speaking, it is the study and practice of the universe and it's energies as applied to our well-being and lives as we live and interact with the world around us.

Some may refer to this as "woo-woo" science, or flat out scams and nonsense. I beg to differ, as do many around the world who have received benefits from things they cannot perceive, yet seem to affect them.

There are various energies and frequencies always in and around us. Remember from science class, how atoms are contantly moving (heat energy) and their parts (electrons) are in constant orbit around the nucleus? Well, what causes that to occur? Quanta discoveries are relatively recent, and new information is always being found. Moving electrons through wires creates magnetic and RF fields. Our bodies are composed of wires (nerves), and are full of iron and other metal elements and compounds. What about the dogs who can sense their owners' seizures before the human can notice? Or the fact that plants can "talk" to each other when pests, fire, or other dangers are near? Just because we can't see it or haven't discovered the WHY of something does not invalidate the effects or benefits from that thing.

There are various energies and frequencies always in and around us. Our planet's fundamental frequency, the one that allows life to be, is in the 8Hz range (7.83, 7.9, it varies from time to time) is one such frequency. One wavelength is equal to the distance around the Earth. Coincidence? I don't think so. This is the tuning frequency for life. On other planets, it would be different. The Earth's magnetic field plays a role, as does lightning and the interactions of all living beings amongst each other.

When one thing creates an effect, it is felt here, there, and everywhere.

Check out some of the pictures below, they may be interesting to you. Oh, and remember when TV's had rabbit ears, and the only way to fine-tune the picture was to touch it? That's the same principle for the stick plate. Our bodies can be the reference point, and stabilize the device. That is also why one must be in good spirits when working with any radionic or ethereal device.

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As a researcher, scholar, life-time learner, and spiritualist, Shawn William Byrd has developed an array of tools.


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This is a hand-crafted oak box, using joints and bronze pins. This is not a marketing picture, so don't critique me. It was just a fun thing whipped up in a couple days.

There are several circuits comprising the device. There are a fair amount of components involved, none of which include digital integrated circuits. This was developed with analog in mind, not unlike the world in which we live. There are no harsh edges to irritate the soul. Smooth signals and waves are generated, and noise is kept to a minimum. Only the samples and operators control what happens with the information that travels to the beyond.

Shawn William Byrd shows the top of the wooden box.

Shawn William Byrd shows the corner of the wooden box.

Shawn William Byrd shows the interior controls of the wooden box.

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