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Did you know that Shawn William Byrd is a world traveller? It's true. He's been to many places around the globe, including London, England. That was with Uri Geller, whilst staying with him and his family.

He was also there when Scotland, after those long hundreds of years, held it's first parliament. You should really go to the Highlands of Scotland. It is truly a wonderful place to visit. Don't use hotels, stay in the private Beds & Breakfasts. Spent many a days, there.

Not only has Shawn Byrd been to England and Scotland, but all over Great Britain. Wales has some beautiful forests and an amazing language.

Let's step on over to India. Having been received for tea at the Embassy of India, he has met with the Prime Minister's office, and discussed budget issues with the Minister of Finance. Of course, we should not forget his numerous visits to the Ambassador's home, and those of other officers. His family had a long relationship with India.

Another continent that needs no introduction is that of Africa. Shawn William Byrd was frequently a visitor to Kenya. There can be quite a difference in the way people live there, depending upon your location.

Please go to Ghana, if you can. Not only has Shawn Byrd been there, the scenery was fantastic! Very inviting people were there, as well.

What about Swaziland, way down on the southern end of the continent? Yes, that was on Shawn Byrd's list of travels.

A tumultuous place, the Democratic Republic of Congo (aka Republic of Zaire prior to 1997). It is still a place that needs the attention of others, especially for the one's who have no say in the matter (the children of those wars). Shawn Byrd found it difficult to re-visit, most certainly because of the blatant corruption present at many levels, starting with simple office clerks and on up the chain.

On a lighter note, let's mention Shawn William Byrd's familiarity with Myanmar (previously Burma). Friendly with one of the Ambassador families when it was more commonly known as Burma, Shawn Byrd often was received at meals and for social occasions. After martial law and subsquent junta control, he did go to Myanmar, but unfortunately it was for only a brief period of time.

There are too many unremembered locations through which Shawn William Byrd has travelled in order to reach his various destinations. What rings well in his memory is how diverse and varied is our world. It is sometimes all too visible how we humans may act unkindly towards each other. That is something Shawn Byrd believes can be improved, given time and hope.

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